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Application: Industry

mag drive

Magnetic drives are hermetically sealed thereby guaranteeing that environmentally hazardous, poisonous, and malodorous substances are pumped safely. The product chamber in the gear pump is completely separated from the environment by a containment shell. The torque is transferred from motor shaft to pump shaft without contact by means of heavy-duty permanent magnets. This design makes the magnetic couplings extremely safe and virtually maintenance-free.

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High reliability and functionality are crucial for a seal in the polymer discharging process for guaranteeing optimized product quality and line availability. The vispac® shaft seal is known for its robustness, reliability and especially for its easy handling. This low-maintenance seal is a proven combination of the viscoseal system and sealed stuffing boxes.

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Single Mechanical Seal

The seal is applicable for high temperatures. A different material combination is available for aggressive and corrosive media. The Sealing ring in SSiC can be used for abrasive fluids.

Double Mechanical Seal

The Double Mechanical Seal is a Maag brand. It has a robust design with buffer fluid. Therefore, it is suitable for corrosive and abrasive applications. The sealing rings are available in carbon and SSiC (sintered silicon carbide ceramic).

Magnetic Coupling

Magnetic Couplings with our double containment shell. It provides a hermetically sealed design and is virtually maintenance free. In special designs for applications with suction pressures up to 200 bar.

Single Mechanical Seal, balanced

The single mechanical seal with balanced sealing ring can be used for high inlet pressures and needs to be used in combination with balanced shaft (double extended shaft, two seals).

Double Mechanical Seal, balanced

The double mechanical seal with balanced sealing ring can be used for high inlet pressures. It needs to be used in combination with balanced shaft (double extended shaft, two seals).


The viscoseals are available for high viscous fluids. The seal is contactless and dynamic. It has a simple design and is only one sealing part. A cooled execution is available and it is virtually maintenance free.


The viscoseal is combined with two buffered lip seals. It provides a dynamical sealing during operation and the buffered lip seals provide a static sealing at standstill.

Packing Glands

Packing glands in various executions. Without adoptions in the modern sealing technology not widely used any more. It is available in a buffered execution.

Lip Seals

The lip seals can be used for either negative or positive suction pressures. depending on the mounting direction. These are mainly used for lupe oil application. Furthermore execution with ball bearing supprt for coupling the drive shaft with gear shaft directly. The price and the easy substitution are the advantages of the lip seals.