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Application: Masterbatch compounding Recycler

SE Air Knife

The SE air knife guarantees efficient strand drying during pelletizing in both compound and masterbatch applications. Filled and reinforced materials require effective strand drying to minimize the residual moisture of the pellets, reduce dust and avoid premature wear of the cutting tools.

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Application: Masterbatch compounding Recycler

KW Cooling Trough

The cooling trough KW assures uniform tempering of strands during strand pelletizing in dry cut strand pelletizing systems. Variable modular length and width as well as many additional options allow adapting the cooling trough KW to almost every requirement.

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FRU/SRK Classifier

The classifier is used for separating spears, spelts, chains, oversizes, and multiples from plastic pellets. Classifiers of the SRK-I-C and SRK-I-V type have been designed for the separation of oversized particles both in virgin polymer and compounding applications. The type SRK-II-V classifiers are used for the separation of oversizes and fies in any operation of plastics pelletizing.

Die head

Die heads or pelletizing units are used in strand pelletizing systems for extrusion of strand profiles. SG-C series die heads have been specifically developed for applications in masterbatch, compounding and recycling processes. They are used downstream of single and dual screw extruders.

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Application: Polymer manufacturer Masterbatch compounding

HAK Hot Air Knife

The hot air knife (HAK) is an optional or retrofitting device mounted to the die head of dry cut strand pelletizing systems which efficiently removes melt residues, outgassing remains, and die drools (such as build up of glass fibers) from both the die holes in the die plate as well as from the extruded strands themselves. With the hot air knife, product contamination can be reliably prevented and disruptions to production minimized.

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