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extrex® PFS

Gear pump for hot-melt extrusion processes (HME)

The extrex® PFS pumps are specially designed for applications in the pharmaceutical and food industries. It requires specific design characteristics; high discharge pressure capability, constant throughput, gentle conveying and narrow temperature ranges. In such an environment, the proven extrex® gear pumps unfold their full potential.

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  • Very good self-cleaning properties
  • Precise metered flow of product ensures consistent pellet size and quality
  • Screw pressure pulsations are eliminated or minimized even at high differential pressures
  • Efficient increase in discharge pressure while relieving extruder of build-up pressures
  • Lower specific energy for the overall system
  • Improved quality of the finished product due to lower overall melt temperature
  • Essential for the production of micro-pellets
  • Compatible with all extruders and reactor vessels

Application Areas


• Production of micro-pellets to avoid milling

• High-viscosity carrier/active ingedrient combinations

• Co-extrusion applications for uniform layer thicknesses

• Process monitoring by means of pressure sensors and temperature sensors

• For extrusion from an extruder or reactor vessel


Technical Data

Technical Data


20 GP


21 GP


22 GP


28 GP


36 GP

Specific Volume [cm 3/U]:

1,3 2,8 4,7 10.2 25,6
Differential Pressure Δp: max. 250 bar
Temperature range: 30° to 200°C
Viscosity: to 30.000 Pas


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