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Dry-cut strand pelletizing for stand-alone application

The widely tried and proven dry-cut pelletizer produces top quality cylindrical pellets which are ideal for further downstream processing. Its compact design makes it very suitable for lab applications. The variable system configuration enables a perfect adaptation to the product being processed with high flexibility when changing products.  

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  • Narrow distribution of particle size
  • Homogeneous pellet shape featuring great flow-ability
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Viewable process space
  • Product-specific cutting geometries for an optimal cut
  • Continuously variable particle length adjustment
  • Process data monitoring on touchscreen display
  • Easy up-scaling; from the laboratory line to commercial production scale

Application Areas

  • Production of micro-pellets to avoid milling
  • For direct tableting or encapsulation
  • Continuous operation or batch production
  • Suitable for laboratory usage in the research and development phase
  • Pelletizing of brittle and/or sticky formulations
  • For pelletizing from an extruder or reactor vessel

Technical Data

Technical Data PRIMO 30 PRIMO 60 PRIMO 120
Operating width 30 mm 60 mm 120 mm
No. of strands 1-3 3-10 10-25
Throughput 0,3-2 kg/h 2-20 kg/h 10-60 kg/h
Pellet size 0,3-3 mm 0,3-6 mm 0,3-6 mm

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