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Maag Automatik GmbH
Ostring 19
63762 Grossostheim


The new pelletizing system for pharmaceutical products

Based on a long-time experience in designing and manufacturing pelletizing systems for all kinds of thermoplastics and on our marketleadership, Maag now supplies adequate equipment for hot-melt extrusion processing to the producers of pharma ceuticals. SPHERO® THA, the new dry-cut die-face pelletizer with its well-thought-out design and a comprehensive range of valuable options provides utmost reliability in challenging production runs.


  • Neither solvent nor water used in the process
  • Improved bio-availability
  • Uniform dispersion of fine particles of API in the carrier material
  • Faster and simplified product development
  • Fewer processing steps involved; no drying, no shaping necessary
  • Simple, continuous, efficient processing
  • Dust-free pellets
  • Small-scale equipment

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