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Maag Automatik GmbH
Ostring 19
63762 Grossostheim


Heat exchanger for the polymer industry

Maag specializes in the design and application of blendrex® heat exchangers used to preheat polystyrene melt prior to devolatilization and to cool polyester prior to spinning or pelletizing. blendrex® heat exchangers are problem solvers for many types of difficult heating and cooling applications.


  • Significantly improve heat transfer rates of polymers and other viscous products. Three to seven times the rate obtainable compared to an "open tube" (no blendrex® elements) design
  • Provide a shorter product residence time inside the unit
  • blendrex® tube is a "plug flow" device
  • Tubes eliminate localized "hot spots", and provides uniform temperature profile across the tube section
  • Contain alternating helical twist elements to obtain the high performance capabilities