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Application: Polymer manufacturer Extrusion


The large area screen changers from Maag are based on a proven dual piston design that does not require additional seals, and is equipped with application-specific filter elements. This design is ideal for applications requiring large area fine filtration. The seal cavities are tailor-made for the use of basket filters, Omega screens, disc and candle filters. Used are multi-layer filter media made of screen mesh and/or metal fiber fleece up to an active filter area of 15 m².

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Application: Polymer manufacturer Masterbatch compounding Industry


Maag’s duplex polymer filtration system was designed with considerable input from our customers. The result is a patented system that offers process benefits such as minimized residence time and improved heat transfer efficiency. By combining our modeling and technical Expertise of our patented slide valve design with a PLC controlled actuation, maag’s duplex filter systems can be designed to minimize viscosity losses during switchovers and provide seamless transfers.

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Maag offers high quality filter elements designed for long term use and multiple cleanings. Maag can provide standard designs or build to your requirements.

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Application: Polymer manufacturer Masterbatch


Maag multinex filter candles are tailor-made for use in continuously operating dual bolt screen changers of the maag series CSC-P/C. Compared to typical round screen plates, they increase the active screening area up to 60 times, thus reducing significantly ΔP and the flux rate. At the same time, an up to 60 times longer service life of the filter until the next screen change is achieved.

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Application: Polymer manufacturer Masterbatch Extrusion Industry


Maag designed simplex systems can be provided with either fixed or removable vessels; a compact preheat station with spare vessel can be provided for locating near the line for quick changeout. They are custom designed to minimize initial pressure drop and maximize filter element life. Our proprietary sizing program, based on more than 20 years of experience in the field, incorporates your operating data to size each system for maximum performance and optimized flow while maintaining compact dimensions.

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