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Continuous Process (CP) System

Gala Underwater Pelletizers are frequently used for the continuous and discontinuous production of Polycondensation Polymers (polyamides, polyester, etc.) downstream of a reactor.


  • Ecellent pellet quality and uniformity
  • High degree of automation
  • Low maintenance requirements

A Gala Continuous Process (CP) System can include:

  • melt pump
  • screen changer for melt filtration
  • pelletizer
  • dwell time definition
  • pellet dewatering
  • caprolactam handling (only for PA-6)
  • process water heating and filtration
  • integration of the extraction (only for PA-6)
  • dryer
  • overall line control
  • redundant design
  • multiple lines in a parallel arrangement to achieve daily output

In the transition from the traditional strand pelletizing process to underwater, it is irrelevant whether the user opts for a continuous or a discontinuous process in the early stages of the project planning and design. Gala’s state-of-the-art underwater pelletizing technology can be used with either process and, due to the modular design, can later be easily changed.