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Cutter Blades

D2 is the material of construction known as the benchmark of the industry. Much like steel belted radial tires you get on a new car, this material will usually get the job done at a low price. The primary element is 12% Chrome which gives the blade good toughness and rust resistance. M-2 material is a member of the high speed family of tool steels. M-2 is primarily used to produce metal cutting high speed drill bits. Due to a high amount of “Moly” (Molybdenum) in its composition, this material resists break down under high heat. Under most circumstances, M-2 should last 1.5 times longer than D-2. PM(Powdered Metal) is the racing tire for a producer who wants output and is willing to pay the price. This material has a 9% Vanadium content which gives it a huge advantages in both wear and toughness. Depending on conditions, this material should last 3x to 5x longer over D-2. Note: In addition to the Vanadium content, PM material is made in a different fashion than other tool steels. In the powdered metal method the elements are all introduced in powdered form into a big furnace. The elements are then detonated so they are very evenly dispersed. Under these conditions the final product has a very uniform grain structure with little or no clumps of carbides that can chip away. 440A Stainless Steel (available on special request only) has an 18% Chrome content and is part of the stainless steel family of tool steels. This is the best tool steel offering for knives that are used in very corrosive conditions. This very special grade of stainless is able to be hardened to 54 / 56 Hrc. Specialty blades, such as half thick or half length, or various materials of construction, are available for specially pelletizing applications. Please ask our spare parts sales staff for more information.