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Cutting Chamber

The cutting chamber is the housing in which the pellets are actually cut. The pelletizer is coupled to the cutting chamber, which places the cutter blades inside the cutting chamber (often referred to as the water box), where the blades will contact the die face. As the process water enters the inlet of the cutting chamber, molten polymer is simultaneously cut into pellets by the rotating cutter blades. At this point the pellets begin to solidify and are carried by the process water from the cutting chamber to the dewatering system. From the dewatering system or centrifugal dryer, the pellets are ready for downstream processing or packaging. The Gala cutting chamber is designed to provide maximum service life. The Gala design can be rotated 180˚ so that once pellet abrasion has occurred at the exiting side of the cutting chamber, it can be rotated 180˚ to the less worn pellet entrance. Resistance wear coatings are also for abrasive applications. For extremely sticky materials, special design features for the cutting chamber are also available.