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E-type Control

The E-type control system was developed for a defined machine configuration and is an affordable and compact control system for larger pelletizing systems. It also includes upgrade options.

The E-type control system features:

  • Compact design
  • Extension options
  • Standardized electrical documentation
  • Standardized software
  • Use of standard components
  • Optimized production time
  • Use of decentralized periphery (PROWAY DP)
  • Minimum installation effort at the customer’s site
  • Clear operator control
  • Good adaptation to the size of the pelletizing system

Equipment features of the compact control cabinet:


  • C7 633 PLC with integrated operator panel
  • Automatic sequence
  • Die plate heating and control
  • Pelletizer control
  • Dryer control
  • Exhaust fan control
  • Water pump control
  • Open and closed loop control of the water heater

Options available:

  • C7 626 (OP27)
  • Adapter heating
  • Polymer diverter valve
  • Melt filter
  • Fines removal sieve
  • Spray nozzle system
  • Melt temperature & pressure measurement
  • Control panel
  • Digital displays
  • Visualization software OEM 1
  • Additional drives
  • Melt pump and start-up screen changer can be integrated using standardized separate control cabinets.