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Die Head PFS

For extrusion of carrier/active ingredient combination

Die heads are used in all strand pelletizing systems for extrusion of strand profiles. The Die Head PFS series has been specifically developed for applications in pharmaceutical and food processes. It is used downstream of single and dual screw extruders as well as after reactor vessels.

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  • Rheologically designed die head tailored to the extrusion's formulation
  • Absolute uniform and homogeneous melt distribution
  • No seperation or de-mixing of the components
  • Short flow path ensures minimal dwell time of polymer melt
  • Low pressure drop
  • Easy up-scaling; from the laboratory line to commercial production scale
  • Compatible with all extruders and reactors

Application Areas

• Production of micro-pellets to avoid milling

• Continuous operation or batch production

• For profile extrusion from an extruder or reactor vessel

• Process monitoring by means of pressure sensors and temperature sensors

• Optional port for Near-infrared-spectrometer (NIR)

Technical Data

Technical Data series 50 series 100 series 200
Heating power: 1,2 kW 2,0 kW 3,0 kW
Temperature range: 30° to 200°C
No. of strands: 1-6 5-10 10-25
Throughput: 0,3-5 kg/h 2-20 kg/h 10-60 kg/h


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Die Head PFS