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Belt-Cooling Pelletizing System PFS

Automatic system for dry-cut strand pelletizing

The Belt-Cooling Pelletizing System PFS is specially designed for water soluble and brittle formulation. The variable system configuration enables a perfect adaptation to the product being processed. Even elastic and very flexible polymers can be handled by the belt system in a simple and efficient way. The system produces top quality cylindrical pellets which are ideal for further downstream processing.

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  • Rheologically designed die head tailored to the extrusion's formulation
  • Simplified start-up by pneumatic intake
  • Narrow distribution of particle size
  • Homogeneous pellet shape featuring great flow-ability 
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Retrofitting to existing extrusion lines is possible
  • Process data monitoring on touchscreen display
  • Integration to a higher level DCS (Data control System) is possible

Application Areas


• Production of micro-pellets to avoid milling

• For direct tableting or encapsulation

• Continuous operation or batch production

• Pelletizing of brittle and/or sticky formulations

• For pelletizing from an extruder or reactor vessel

Technical Data

Technical Data

Series 30

Series 60

Series 120


extrex® 20 GP

extrex® 22 GP

extrex® 36 GP

Specific volume:

1.3 cm3/U

4.7 cm3/U

25.6 cm3/U

Differential Pressure Δp:

max. 250 bar

Temperature range:

30° to 200°C

Die Head:

Series 50

Series 100

Series 200

No. of strands:




Cooling belt:

Series 250

Series 250

Series 250

Cooling belt length:

2,3,5 or 7 m

Belt speed:

0.8-10 m/min or 8-80 m/min






0.3-2 kg/h

2-20 kg/h

10-60 kg/h

Pellet size:

0.3-3 mm

0.3-6 mm


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Belt-Cooling Pelletizing System PFS