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Maag Automatik GmbH
Ostring 19
63762 Grossostheim

extrex6 ER

Booster pump for the elastomeric processing industry

Elastomeric processing requires positive displacement devices that gentle convey high viscosity rubber through the system. Specifically designed, low compression tooth design allow the extrex6 ER transfer, booster or metering gear pump to achieve both high pressure and low shear. The rubber compound is conveyed with a constant, precise flow even at high discharge pressures – and this also for extremely dry or sticky compounds, where former pump generations reached their limits due to scorch. Additionally, their anyway high efficiency and long life span will extend unrivaled due to reduced internal friction.


Production Capability6

  • Endurance Shaft Improved load capability to raise your differential pressure
  • Augmented Torque High torque to extend your differential pressure range

Power Density6

  • Thermal Mastery Efficient temperature management to enhance your process security

Process Reliability6

  • Dynamic Lubrication Increased impurity tolerance to secure your uptime
  • Balanced Bearings Unique self-centering shafts to maximize your process stability

Technical data

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extrex6 ER