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High demands are made on products with respect to processing quality and optical properties. An important aspect in the production and processing of plastics is therefore the filtration. We offer suitable filters for every extrusion process to reliably remove contaminants from the plastic melt.

Our gear pumps additionally optimize the extrusion process, precisely transporting the product stream and efficiently building up the die pressure in order to relieve the extruder of the pressure build-up. The melt is conveyed extremely uniformly through the die, guaranteeing a consistently high quality of the finished product (e.g. sheets, profiles, tubes, foams, blown film or hoses).

24 products for the application: Extrusion


Maag guarantee constant conveying in extrusion lines and thus highest product quality. With its robust construction, the new trudex® high-pressure gear pump enables operation in pressure ranges up to 700 bar which is the upper limit for conventional gear pumps. The advanced trudex® pump is rounding off Maag's gear pump product program and with its usual quality, does justice to the ever-increasing demand for high-pressure pumps for applications in extrusion lines.

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Continuously operated equipment calls for reliable components. Whether in lubrication oil applications or in processing plants, a pump is required to work inconspicuously yet reliably. Precisely the environment in which maag pump systems’ tried and established gear pumps develop their full potential. Thanks to the extensive range of components and materials of construction to choose from, maag gear pumps can be configured to suit customers’ specific requirements and are therefore far superior to standard pumps in terms of performance and reliability.

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extrex® RV/RB

When it comes to manufacturing profiles and dealing with Strainers, high requirements are placed on pumping consistency and extrusion lines. The new gear pump series extrex® RV/RB from maag pump systems raises the performance of gear pumps for elastomer Extrusion to new levels in terms of both economy and processing technology. Product quality is guaranteed by a stable discharge, the lowest tolerance deviations and achieving process stability in quick time.

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extrex® EX

Extrusion plants need extremely reliable units with high pumping consistency and a configuration to suit each application. The modular design of extrex® gear pumps makes light work of meeting diverse requirements. Three types are available: extrex® GP for a wide application range with moderate system pressures, extrex® HP for applications with high system pressures and extrex® HV having a 25% higher specific conveying capacity for pelletizing processes requiring low speeds.

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cinox® therminox®

cinox® therminox® 齿轮泵正是为了满足严格的工艺要求而开发的耐腐蚀、不锈钢、可保温输送泵。 由于配置设计多样,材料可选性广泛,马格齿轮泵可根据客户工艺的具体要求提供灵活多变的适用方案。因此,马格齿轮泵拥有远胜于标准齿轮泵的性能和可靠性。无论是高纯度、强腐蚀性,还是高粘度,高温度介质,马格泵系统会为您提供专业的解决方案,同您一起从容面对挑战。


Maag specializes in the design and application of blendrex® heat exchangers used to preheat polystyrene melt prior to devolatilization and to cool polyester prior to spinning or pelletizing. blendrex® heat exchangers are problem solvers for many types of difficult heating and cooling applications.

maax® 100S / 400S / 600S

It simplifies operation, control and adjustment of the operating parameters. This guarantees optimum protection and operation of the gear pump and screen changer. Process and operational reliability of the entire system is increased. The maax® 100S automation system is the ideal solution for integrating melt pumps and screen changers. maax® 400S is for upgrading coextrusion lines. The maax® 600S automation system is the ideal solution for equipping complete and complex extrusion and compounding plants.

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No matter how your process is designed, Maag will offer the best solution for any customer-specific application. The system uses only high-quality proven components. Knowhow and combining are the cornerstones for achieving the ideal result for our customer.

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extrex6 EX

Thermoplastic processing requires positive displacement devices that gently convey any kind of thermoplastic grades from high to low viscosity through the system. Specifically designed, low compression tooth design allow the extrex®-x6 class transfer, booster or metering gear pump to achieve both high pressure and low shear.

extrex® GPD

The extrex® GPD (general purpose twin gear pump) combines optimally economic and operating efficiency for extrusion lines. An extrusion line fitted with maag’s newest pump will be capable of running two completely different die head assemblies with distinct throughput and pressure ratings to produce high quality products. The individual output and tool pressure is by design ensured and adjustable.

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extrex6 ER

Elastomeric processing requires positive displacement devices that gentle convey high viscosity rubber through the system. Specifically designed, low compression tooth design allow the extrex6 ER transfer, booster or metering gear pump to achieve both high pressure and low shear. The rubber compound is conveyed with a constant, precise flow even at high discharge pressures – and this also for extremely dry or sticky compounds, where former pump generations reached their limits due to scorch. Additionally, their anyway high efficiency and long life span will extend unrivaled due to reduced internal friction.

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The viscoseals are available for high viscous fluids. The seal is contactless and dynamic. It has a simple design and is only one sealing part. A cooled execution is available and it is virtually maintenance free.


马格 生产的 CSC 连续换网器具有坚固耐用的结构并采用无泄漏工作模式,可达到熔体过滤方面的最高质量标准。Maag 连续换网器不断地在功能性方面得以改进,从而大大提高了产品质量。CSC 换网器采用经过验证的双活塞设计,在工作时无需另外使用任何密封件。各种尺寸与设计的换网器都具有坚固耐用的结构,这将确保本产品可连续对聚合物熔体进行无泄漏过滤。

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Manual screen changers from maag have been the first choice of cost-effective filtration systems in extrusion lines for many years. Starting at size 45, the manual screen changers optionally come with transmission gearing. Here, the breaker plate is equipped with patented gearing and a pinion which allows an effortless screen change even in restricted space conditions or high sealing pressures. The manual screen changer guarantees the protection of gear pumps and    fine extrusion die gaps from damage and dirt accumulation.

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Maag designed simplex systems can be provided with either fixed or removable vessels; a compact preheat station with spare vessel can be provided for locating near the line for quick changeout. They are custom designed to minimize initial pressure drop and maximize filter element life. Our proprietary sizing program, based on more than 20 years of experience in the field, incorporates your operating data to size each system for maximum performance and optimized flow while maintaining compact dimensions.

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The compact single-piston screen changers SSC from maag pump systems provide an alternative for extrusion applications which allow for interruptions in the melt stream during screen changeover. SSC operate without any additional seal and their sturdy construction guarantees reliable and leak-free filtration of polymer melts. The rheologically optimized flow channel directs the melt flow optimally and with a short residence time into the screen cavity. The breaker plate is fitted with screen mesh suitable for the required filtration size. The screen changer is operated by a hydraulic piston.

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源自 马格 的 FSC 换网器配有标准适压密封系统。采用这套密封系统,所需的密封力可自动根据实际的熔体压力进行调整。狭窄的设计特别适用于热敏材料应用领域。所有规格与设计的换网器都具有坚固结实的结构,可确保本产品持续对聚合物熔体进行无泄漏过滤。液压操作换网器可确保熔体泵和模具缝隙免遭损坏和污染。

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Maag area-optimized continuous screen changers are based on the proven double-piston design. Thanks to the optimized oval-shaped screen cavity the available Screen area relative to the piston diameter is maximized resulting in an extreme compact design of these proven machines. With its minimized residence times of the polymer melt and the significantly lower heating requirement due to its compact design, the CSC-PE from maag stands for maximum efficiency and guarantees reliable and leak-free filtration of polymers for many years.

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The discontinuously operating screen changer, equipped with a screen cavity, offers a robust and economic alternative for extrusion and compounding applications which permit a brief interruption in the melt flow when changing the screen. Thus, it is also ideal for batch applications during which an application- related shut-down of the unit permits a screen change after a batch is complete.

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The continuous single-piston screen changer from Maag is based on the proven piston design with two screen cavities that operates without any mechanical seals. It sturdy construction, available in all sizes and designs, guarantees reliable and leak-free filtration of polymer melts for many years. An uninterrupted melt stream and an efficient degassing of the screen cavities allow continuous operation without any production interruptions. This screen changer is characterized by highest filtration quality with maximum system availability.

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The large area screen changers from Maag are based on a proven dual piston design that does not require additional seals, and is equipped with application-specific filter elements. This design is ideal for applications requiring large area fine filtration. The seal cavities are tailor-made for the use of basket filters, Omega screens, disc and candle filters. Used are multi-layer filter media made of screen mesh and/or metal fiber fleece up to an active filter area of 15 m².

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By preserving the cutting geometry of the Conair style Model 304 pelletizer and merging the innovative features found in the Scheer “E-Series” pelletizer the Bullet Series has emerged. Using these two proven market leaders in the base design we have a pelletizer that is easier and faster to clean and service. Designed for 24/7 operation this unit is ideally suited for both laboratory and production users. The tool-less removable In-feed & Discharge Chutes makes this pelletizer desirable for compounders that have multiple material change overs several times a shift.

 A single large pneumatic cylinder with an upper feedroll that remains parallel with the bottom roll produces a greater uniform pulling force with varying diameter strands for less waste. Higher rates, less waste, high product quality and ease of operation was the target for the design of this pelletizer.

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Strand Pelletizer T200 Series

The T200 Series Strand Pelletizer has been designed to substantially reduce maintenance and cleaning time. What would typically take 30 minutes to disassemble now takes only 2 minutes. Hand knobs and the pivoting feedroll assembly “Tips” forward for access to the lower feedroll and bed knife for easy cleaning and adjustment. The T200 Series can produce up to 6000 lbs/hr while running 85 strands at 700 RPM. The specific gravity for the materials being pelletized may increase or decrease the capacity. A Stellite tipped rotor, on a 3˚ helix provides a scissor-like cutting action for clean quality pellets. Rotor to bed knife adjustment is easily accomplished with the use of eccentrics. The eccentrics allow the rotor to be dialed into the bed knife to provide precise adjustments for even cuts. The lower feedroll also operates with eccentrics minimizing the gap between the doctor blade and the lower feedroll. The solid carbide bed knife is very economical with four usable edges. A Hypalon upper feedroll and diamond-knurled lower feedroll is belt driven for uniform pulling force on the incoming strands. The upper feedroll is offset directing strands directly into the bed knife producing quality pellets. Safety features include safety interlocks and a Dynamic braking system. The rotor automatically stops before the cover can be opened to avoid injury. The T200 Series Strand Pelletizer offers a variety of options. Quick-ship machines, sparepart deliveries, and rotor sharpening service are all part of Reduction Engineering Scheers guarantee of  ervice and manufacturing excellence.

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