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Powders of the highest quality with good pourability and high bulk density are required for rotomolding. Our pulverizing systems deliver regrind with the best product surface quality that is ideally suited for further processing by rotomolding.

We develop and produce high-efficiency powder mills with low energy consumption, high throughput and compact design.

Whether as laboratory machine or production plant, Maag pulverizing systems are perfectly suited to your individual requirements.

3 products for the application: Rotomolding

The REX tech, our lab scale pulverizer, makes sampling and trials for R&D fast and simple. The unit is manufactured for both ambient and cryogenic operation with use of the proper attachments. This versatile pulverizer can service a wide variety of markets where top quality sample powders are required. Almost anything can be trialed on this unit – from engineered resins, rubber, adhesives, pharmaceuticals as well as food grades.

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The Reduction Engineering pulverizer 85XLP, with its compact design, is the perfect fit for the medium throughput range or the ideal solution for In-House production. This unit, with its integrated PLC controls, assures the highest quality performance with minimal man-machine interface. As with all Reduction Engineering pulverizers, this unit incorporates our state-of-the-art technology that facilitates quick clean downs and change-over times.

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REX duo 系列服务于需要大量高品质粉末和高生产率的终端用户。关于消耗的功率和产出的千克数,其全部可用功率的有效利用使得 REX duo 系列成为最经济的粉碎机。占地面积小,输出高,使其成为高要求粉碎机或完美处理的正确选择。duoPLUS 版本胜过市场上所有其他机器的尺寸。

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