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Application: Polymer manufacturer Masterbatch Recycler


The P-USG underwater strand pelletizing systems made by Maag Automatik have been particularly designed for both the production of virgin polymers with lower throughput rates and for recycling applications. The simple design of the machine stands for engineering reduced to the essentials while heading for high process stability and pellet quality.

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Application: Polymer manufacturer


数十年来,遍布世界各地的 M-USG 水下拉条造粒系统一直用于聚合物生产。这套灵活性极高的系统最大程度的保证了系统的实用性(尤其是在连续操作方面),并能够满足圆柱状粒子极高的质量要求。

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Application: Polymer manufacturer

The “WS” Series Wet Cut Waterslide pelletizing system enables you to run a wide variety of materials with little or no operator assistance. Strand conditioning water is used to improve pellet quality by reducing fines.