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Maag Automatik GmbH
Ostring 19
63762 Grossostheim

C-FSC (vormals FSC double)

Continuous screen changer for extrusion processes

The new generation side plate screen changers come as a standard equipped with a pressureadaptive sealing system. Depending on the system, the required sealing forces are adapted to the melt pressure present. During a screen change procedure one of the screen cavities is always in the melt stream. After a screen change, the screen cavity is flooded thus ensuring a screen changeover without production interruption.


  • Simple operation and uncomplicated screen changing
  • High operational reliability
  • Short material residence time
  • Leak-free mode of operation
  • Low pressure consumption
  • Flow channel geometry without any dead spots
  • Continuous operation

Technical data

过滤面积 [cm²]
32 bis 1414
No. screen cavities
产能 [kg/h]
60-160 bis 1.000-2.500