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Designed for 24/7 operation and very low noise levels, this vacuum strand dryer has been recognized by many compounders as the preferred method for drying strands. Built on a compact frame the JV series air knife has proven itself as a very effective method of drying strands utilizing vacuum only. Each model has a cantilevered vacuum strip that can be positioned and placed anywhere along the water bath to draw the water off the strands as they exit the water. This takes up less floor space and maximizes the efficiency while utilizing the heat of the strands to expel surface moisture that results in drier polymer entering the pelletizer. A stainless steel cyclone continuously separates the water from the air stream and the water exits to a drain port. The JV head assembly is designed to positively separate and support the strands before and after the suction bar. When placed at the end of the water tank these units can be outfitted with an optional drip tray. This tray collects the dripping water and returns the water back to the water tank. To further increase water savings, a sump pump can be installed to pump the water from the drain to the water bath.


  • Ease of Operation
  • Minimal Cleaning Time
  • Small Footprint
  • Casters for Mobility
  • Wear Protection Optional
  • Adjustable Strand Guide Rolls
  • Various Strand Ratings
  • Optional Drip Tray

Technical Data

Specifications JV20 JV30 JV40 JV50
Maximum Strand Rating Up to 20 Up to 30 Up to 40 Up to 50
Vacuum Width Inches/MM 10.5/266 13.5/342 19/457 23/584
dbA Rating @ 1M ≤85
Power @ 60 HZ 460/3/60
Motor Size HP/Kw 5/3.7 7.5/5.6 10/7.5
Max Volume CFM/M3H 262/445 370/629 495/841
Max Vacuum "H2O/mbar 79/197 81/202 98/244
Power @ 50 HZ 400/3/50
Motor Size HP/Kw 4.2/3.13 6.3/4.7 8.3/6.2
Max Volume CFM/M3H 218/370 307/522 412/700
Max Vacuum "H2O/mbar 57/142 58/145 72/179
Drip Tray Optional
High Wear Option Optional